Your second chance at a new beginning

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New beginning

Well here we are – one quarter of the way through 2015! A year so many of us embarked upon with great aspirations and grand designs to implement a host of life-enhancing changes. But if you haven’t quite seen the progress or manifested the positive changes you had in mind for the year’s first 90-day chapter, don’t worry – you’re in a vast majority of which I’d have to consider myself a member.

And now along comes Easter – a time synonymous with new beginnings and transformation. Even the planetary alignments are making intense invitations for us to draw a line under the past and make the changes necessary to welcome a fresh new chapter into our lives. Yet if we gratefully accept this apparent gift of a second chance at a new beginning for 2015, how can we be sure to embrace it so much more effectively than the chapter we’ve just closed? Here are 3 of the key steps I’ll be taking to move into Q2 empowered, energised and refocused!

Let go of the past

In order to make way for the new, we always have to let go of the old in some way. What are you needing to let go of that will liberate you to move into this new chapter with a clean slate? As we reflect on the 3 months gone it can be easy to get bogged down in the lack of success or regrets at what could have been, but the disappointment and ineffectiveness of the past is not something we want weighing us down as we move into creating our future! Know that in order to properly let something go we first have to make peace with it – otherwise we’re simply suppressing it and continuing to carry around its limiting energies – so be sure to take all there is to be learnt from the previous chapter(s) until you feel you have reached the resolution to release it and move on.

Reset your course

With the exciting opportunity of fresh start stretching out ahead of you, what better time to reignite your inspiration for the life you’re wanting to live and refocus your approach as to how you’re going to make that happen. With the benefit of hindsight from your first 90-days of 2015 – what have you learnt from your experience and how can you grow from these teachings to be far better placed to approach this new chapter more effectively? Jot down all the things that have really worked for you in the past, as well as those that haven’t and where you’ve found yourself getting stuck. What do you need to ensure is different this time around and how are you going to do that?

What’s really in your way?

This is the big one – you’ll need to get completely honest with yourself about what’s really holding you back if you’re ever going to truly break free from it. Look beyond the reasons and excuses as to what didn’t work out and identify the inner blocks that are actually getting in your way. There’s always a more resourceful strategy that can be found to resolve the external obstacles you face, yet until these internal blocks are cleared from your path they will continue to exert a powerful limiting force over your ability to move forward. Where have you found yourself facing resistance to taking the steps that will bring about the positive changes you desire? Look deeper into what’s behind this – is there a fear that’s keeping you confined, a lack of belief in what’s possible for you, an unconscious clinging to the familiarity of the old ways, or maybe a series of limiting patterns that keep pulling you off course? What is this really about for you and are you ready to let go of that which no longer serves you? Spend some time exploring this, as simply shining the light of awareness into what’s really going on reveals your keys for breaking through to new levels of being.

Once you’ve cleared your path of the things that aren’t working for you or are weighing you down, you’ve created the space to let in the changes that will make this new beginning a truly extraordinary one – enjoy it!

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