Your second chance at a new beginning

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New beginning

Well here we are – one quarter of the way through 2015! A year so many of us embarked upon with great aspirations and grand designs to implement a host of life-enhancing changes. But if you haven’t quite seen the progress or manifested the positive changes you had in mind for the year’s first 90-day chapter, don’t worry – you’re … Read More

Stop seeking and let the answers find you

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Answers find us

Sometimes it’s only when we relent our search that we allow space for the answers to come forward and reveal themselves to us. Now this can seem pretty counter-intuitive when we’re under pressure to resolve a problem or remove a block, but if the frantically seeking mind is coming up short as our go-to source of answers it may be … Read More

Discover Your True Purpose

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True Purpose quote

What is it your true purpose to be, do and contribute to the world with this life? I’m excited to announce that “Discover Your True Purpose – A step-by-step guide and workbook” is now available from Life Mastery Coach, and you can download your very own complimentary copy right here: Do you thirst for insight into how you really can live this life … Read More

The Power of Un-Negative Thinking

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I’ve got nothing against “positive thinking” per se – after all, we experience a reality coloured by those aspects of the world we prime our mind to notice, so why not choose a hue that lifts your mood – it’s just that a skewed perspective toward either end of the spectrum is still a distortion of “what is”. The extent … Read More