Experience the benefits of a real breakthrough

Life Mastery Coach offers both Life Guidance and Transformational Coaching – find out which is right for you!

Life Guidance Coaching

Perhaps you’re facing a challenging time and could really benefit from guidance, clarity and opening up of new possibilities?
Maybe you’re feeling stuck or just struggling right now and need a shift in perspective, boost of empowerment and realignment with your highest self?
Or are you at a crossroads in your life, ready to elevate yourself to a new level and embark on a more fulfilling chapter?

Life Guidance Coaching will help you attain the clarity and resolution to move beyond your challenges, while empowering you to take full charge of your way forward.

Transformational Coaching

Have you noticed recurrent patterns and issues showing up in your life again and again – blocking you, holding you back or just getting in the way?
Do you come up against negative thought processes or emotional states that detract from your ability to thrive and be happy?
Maybe you’re carrying around unconscious baggage, deep-seated issues or inner conflicts that are impacting your life and could do with resolving once and for all?
Or perhaps you experience symptoms of stress, anxiety, fear or a lack of self-belief that you just can’t seem to break free of?

Transformational Coaching can help you get right to the core of the issue, uproot it and clear the way for you to live more freely, fully and in alignment with your true highest self.

Special offer!

Receive all the benefits of a full 90-minute Life Guidance or Transformational Coaching single session for the discounted rate of only $79!

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Simply email dave@lifemasterycoach.com.au or call Moksha Yoga on 03 9557 5885 to schedule your discounted session, or for more information.
All sessions can be hosted face-to-face at Moksha Yoga, Bentleigh, or from the convenience of your home via skype or phone.

Valid for one single session only. Full priced regular Program sessions start at $129. For more information please email dave@lifemasterycoach.com.au